Eva Coyle is an Irish Singer Songwriter from Athlone, Co. Westmeath. She is rooted in the Irish Tradition and has created a unique sound with her Folk style.

She has just released her debut album ‘Down To The Shore’. Eva has been at the helm of production since 2018, alongside Brian Casey of Wavefield Studio’s, West Cork. Mattias Pérez was instrumental in contributing to the sound for this album, with his unique Swedish Folk guitar style, this album is really a feast for the ears. Some other wonderful musicians apart of the project include Bean Dolan, John Blek, John Williams,Nina Pérez, Katie Grennan and Sean O’Dalaigh.

Eva is primarily a Folk Artist, she gives us story both real and fictional and arranges her songs in a unique way that is indicative of her piano and vocal style. With elements of Irish Traditional Music and Swedish Folk Music, Eva is bringing an exciting new sound to the Folk World.

‘It seems inevitable that Eva will continue to cement her reputation in Folk Music, both in Ireland and far beyond’ Folk Radio UK

‘I adore Eva’s sound and look forward to hearing more from her with the release of her EP next year.’ Mark Radcliffe, BBC Sounds